Saturday, 11 January 2014

Shrewsbury Flag Tower

Last blog I documented how this addiction started. It opened my eyes somewhat. The small hometown that I live in was transformed into a vast expanse of possibilities. A shift of perspective, of sorts. All I saw now when I looked at Shrewsbury was opportunity for adventure, and in my over-ambitious glory I set my sights on the deep end, and took to the rooftops, far outside of my skill level at the time.

If one heads down Pride Hill in Shrewsbury, one should see a flag pole on top of a building. I've always looked at it and admitted that given the chance I'd like to be able to get there, having always admired Shrewsbury's architecture. In the past it has shocked me to say that I have been there now, and be met with the response "I never noticed that was there."
People do not look up, you see. And this benefited me greatly in getting onto this rooftop. We tend to avoid daytime rooftopping, but as mentioned, I was feeling over ambitious.

This is a very popular rooftop due to the view, and due to the challenge. Thanks to the change of perspective, I was seeing handholds and footholds everywhere, but this was still one of the trickiest and dangerous climbs I have ever taken part in. Nevertheless, the reward justifies the challenge.

 Note- The group I explore with have a strict policy of leaving everything as it was, not vandalizing or stealing, and not exploring or violating any residential properties, nor do we force entry, merely utilize existing openings. Any entry on the blog that does detail a means of access does so under the assumption that the means of access can no longer be reached. Never would we reveal an existing opening over the internet, for fear of negative consequences against the property, and the person going in.

Click a picture to see it big.

What bugs me is that the flagpole itself retains its functionality. That is, it still has the rope attached to the pole and is still fully capable of waving a flag from. Why doesn't it? That would look truly epic on the Shrewsbury skyline.
One nifty feature is that the base of the flagpole is covered in signatures, dating back quite a few decades. Some state professions such as "roofer" or "painter" but some are more open, one saying "Just fucking about on the roof." It's nice to think that other people have made the journey.

Chance for expansion?

From this rooftop it is possible to make it to the rooftop of the pub called the Hole in the Wall. But that kind of venture is best kept for night time/early morning since those buildings are much less abandoned than the empty former bank that the flag tower is situated above. The view is fairly similar though.

As you can see, we did the expansion around the time that the Market Hall was covered in scaffolding, while the older photos were from the pre-scaffolding days. Back when I first made the journey to the flag pole tower I was feeling lucky to be alive, and never dreamed that I would eventually scale the Market Hall tower, but that's another story...

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  1. Nobby Holland would say that and I bet he enjoyed the roof top views while working there!