Saturday, 22 February 2014

The view from KFC

One of the smallest but coolest rooftops that I've ever managed to scramble up onto was KFC. I won't be disclosing the means of getting up there, but I will say this- it's tricky and my dyspraxia does not help. But once up there it's so peaceful, and removed from the rest of the world. I've watched drunks fight, and I've watched the sun set with a drink and a book in my hand, all from this rooftop, which isn't actually KFC alone, as we can get down the entire street. But I refer to it as the KFC rooftop simply because it's the most prominent and memorable business.

 Note- The group I explore with have a strict policy of leaving everything as it was, not vandalizing or stealing, and not exploring or violating any residential properties, nor do we force entry, merely utilize existing openings. Any entry on the blog that does detail a means of access does so under the assumption that the means of access can no longer be reached. Never would we reveal an existing opening over the internet, for fear of negative consequences against the property and the person.

Here's the view from KFC-

 This bird statue goes completely unnoticed above Shrewsbury. In the background is the construction of Claremont Church.

And from here you can see the sloped rooftop of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College. And since THAT roof isn't much, I'll include it on this blog because it's so much fun.

The plastic slope of the sixth form roof is actually incredibly slippery when wet or frozen, and therefore in the winter months it makes for an incredibly fun slide.At the bottom of the slope is an upward slope, so falling off is not an issue either.

The view is pretty basic though. It's a two-storey building.

But it's still high enough for me to make fun of the security measures.

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