Thursday, 6 March 2014

Riverside Shopping Mall

In Shrewsbury there are three shopping centers in close proximity to each other- The Darwin, the Pride Hill and Riverside. The first two are beneath the Rat Run while Riverside is a smaller one, with almost all of its shops empty. Why are all the shops vacant? Because Shropshire Council want to rip the entire thing down and rebuild it as a mighty domed monstrosity that merges the three shopping centers together.

I've seen pictures, and the proposed design looks pretty funky. But then we must take into consideration that Shropshire Council can't even afford to repair the Lord Hill column statue, and have instead decided to wrap it in scaffolding for the foreseeable future. So I don't see how they could possibly afford to demolish an entire shopping center and build a whole new thing that links onto the other two. Soon Shrewsbury will be left with a massive crater of rubble where Riverside used to be. So it's a good thing I got photos of it! Naturally, we obtained only the most unique shots possible.

Note- The group I explore with have a strict policy of leaving everything as it was, not vandalizing or stealing, and not exploring or violating any residential properties, nor do we force entry, merely utilize existing openings. Any entry on the blog that does detail a means of access does so under the assumption that the means of access can no longer be reached. Never would we reveal an existing opening over the internet, for fear of negative consequences against the property.

While the view inside Riverside is interesting, the exterior views are fairly simplistic. This isn't very high up you see. It was a pain to get to though, but still relatively low down.

But it won't be there forever and the view is unique, so it was a fun adventure.

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