Friday, 4 April 2014

Abandoned Hotel, Shrewsbury

A while ago, rooftop access to Barclays was cut off, as I think I mentioned in that blog post. As one of the best views in town, I was actually reluctant to let this gate and razor wire keep me from it, and while we did eventually find a means of getting back up there, a lovely discovery was made on the way.

I was scaling a building further down the street in the hopes that rooftop access to the entirety of Castle Street would grant me a route to the roof of Barclays.

However, as I was climbing, my colleague on the ground called up at me to stop and look behind me. Sure enough, the ledge I was on was situated right next to an open window. I instantly panicked. An open window suggests that the building is being used, and one would guess that anyone inside looking out from their window on the second floor would be unhappy to see that a man was outside on a ledge. However, closer inspection revealed that the window was actually smashed, prior to being opened, and that the window led into a very dusty little kitchen. This wasn't a building in use, this was an abandoned building that had been broken into.

Now it would be foolish to explore a crime scene, but I noticed that in spite of the window being smashed, there were no glass shards around. And yet someone had clearly smashed the glass to reach in and open the window. Either whoever had broken in had cleared up after themselves, or the properties owners had, in which case this window was probably due to be boarded up and this was the only time my friend and I were going to be able to explore the building.
Naturally, we climbed in through the window and explored.

All over, we found similar cases of doors with windows that had been smashed to reach through and unlock, but with no glass shards. Someone had cleaned up. The building itself was very maze-like and fun to explore.

There were also numerous secret passageways. A cupboard next to the toilet led to a crawlspace that led out into a corridor totally unconnectedto this particular bathroom. Another doorway at the back of a wardrobe led to a staircase that led to a secret attic.

While my phone battery was low, as I had not planned for this adventure, I only took a few pictures. However I must say again- We do not vandalise, steal, force entry or disclose means of access. Click a picture to see it big.

A reception desk with my friend in shot

Crawlspace next to the toilet

Hidden staircase in wardrobe that led to a hidden attic. We didn't explore due to pigeon infestation.

I had absolutely no idea what this building used to be, but a reception desk led me to believe it might have been a hotel.

In my quest for answers, I have e-mailed the Town Crier but I have yet to get a reply.

Rooftop access would have been possible, however the doorway to the roof was boarded up. And that is a shame, because the view would have been amazing.

It would also be amazing to see this place active again, fixed up and used. It exists within the town center but sadly it is no longer explorable. The windows are entirely boarded up. In some ways it's sad but in other ways it makes it all the more special that I got in and explored in the short time I had.

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