Saturday, 21 June 2014

A bridge

There is a bridge in Shrewsbury that was recently covered in scaffolding. Were it climbed, I would be awarded a unique vantage point over the railway tracks- always an area of interest. In fact as an explorer, train stations and anything railway related infuriate me with their teasers. Look around your local train station- Shrewsbury is a small train station but even that has an abandoned platform hidden behind a wall, and a semi-hidden ladder upwards to places unknown. Yet it operates 24/7 and the fines are gigantic.

But I figured the view from this bridge would at least be something. And also curious to see the view was a professional photographer I'd recently met. Now, I would like to link her stuff to this page but she's asked me not to for legal reasons, and besides, it's vastly different to her usual style.
The scaffolding didn't allow us access to a view of the train tracks, but it was pretty maze-like and eerie and did allow us a vantage point over the river. A unique one since we were effectively on the underside of a railway bridge. This isn't just Shrewsbury from where you're not, it's Shrewsbury from where you'll never be.

Unless of course you're one of the builders or one of the people who left their dirty underwear up here after what I hope was a romantic evening.

Note about myself and the people I explore with- we don't force entry, we don't vandalize, we don't steal, and we don't explore residential properties.

Click a picture to see it big.

Ultimately the bridge proved to be a unique little find, with no long lasting exploring value. It's not much to boast about, as now when one walks along the river and points to where we were, they're pointing at thin air. This scaffolding was under the bridge. What this proves is that adventures are everywhere, and accessible for anyone. If you think your town is boring, you're wrong. You are.

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